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Focus Laser factory

Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd is an Australian owned family business operating in Brendale Queensland. We are north of the Brisbane CBD and river.

Our prime business is laser processing. This involves laser profile cutting a variety of different materials. We are here to help you grow your business. We have been in this industry for over 30 years. The heart of our business and service is laser processing, however we will gladly assist you in other areas such as the start and completion of manufacturing projects. We can organise this using our laser cutting process as a baseline. We would be using the vast resources that we have available locally in Brendale. Added services can include simple tasks such as drilling, welding, folding, powder coating and Zinc plating. Other cutting processes may include Water jet cutting, Plasma cutting, Router and Laser marking.

We provide a professional cutting service to industry helping your manufacturing requirements. Our process is very cost effective as the product can be repeated over and over again with the same degree of accuracy from the first profiled part to the thousands of parts we have produced. Contact our sales team for more information.

How lasers work

Laser processing is a technology that uses a laser light to cut various materials. It is not an oxy cutting machine. Yes, it uses a heat source but that heat source is light, focused light. Light is generated using three different inert gases - Helium, Nitrogen and CO2. Electrical current is used, and all done within a low vacuum. The wave length is 10.6 micrometres. CO2 lasers, as they are commonly referred to, range from 20 watts to 10000 watts or larger. They are used for various applications. Depending on the wave length they can be used for marking, cladding, cutting or welding.

Within today’s modern world lasers are used everywhere. Laser processing is typically done as a CO2 or fibre optic operation both having a different wave length. Typically CO2 lasers are used for thicker material whereas fibre lasers are more suitable for thinner materials. The process is the same, the light is focussed correctly within the cutting kerf and an assist gas is used to blow the molten material away. This is similar to oxy cutting as you create a molten pool of hot material and then with the jet of assist gas vaporise the material.

The accuracy of the laser, to any other process is where there is no comparison. The material that is removed is only .3mm for Mild Steel and .12mm for Stainless, and the edge quality can only be described as superb – not requiring further processing. The cutting head handles the laser light by the means of a focusing lens. The head is fixed to a cutting table either 2 axis and up to 6 axis. These servo controlled axis use either linear or lead-screw bearings. They are referred to as CNC (Computer Numerical Control) motion systems. Industrial CNC laser cutters can have the application as a Pipe Cutter or Flat sheet cutter in various sheet sizes 10m x 3m or larger in size, but most commonly in 3m x 1.5m or 2.4m x 1.2m.

Watch a laser machine in action

CAD involvement

AutoCad TM software based programs CAD (Computer Aided Design) are generally used to draw the required items to be cut in either pipe or flatbed processing. Any profile drawn, can be cut using various lasers. This is manufacturing at its best. Typically the profile is drawn as a .dwg/.dxf file type. Post processed is performed by using Cam Programming software as this is needed to produce the CNC Code. This code is referred to as the “Program” which uses G and M code to access the internal workings of the machine control parameters. These may vary between machines but all do a similar task. Inputs into the CAD-based program are usually .dwg or.dxf but it depends on the available software. Some are better than others. Conversions from a suitable sign software package such as Sign Wizard or Sign Blazer can be a direct input into our CAD programming software as they handle formats such as EPS, Adobe and other formats. But the output from these must be clean with large arcs and lines. Entities must be welded or closed scale 1 to 1. Once the clean part is produced in CAD various sheet nestings can be produced using the Cam nesting package.

Our Services

Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd offer laser processing solutions by assisting customers in their manufacturing needs. You could call us your manufacturing partner, as this is where you would start to produce your specialised product. We provide quality laser sheet and pipe cutting services in 2 axis, 3 axis and 5 axis applications. We can help reduce your labour costs. We can do this by repeating our profile cutting accurately taking away your manual cutting process for 5 parts or 1000 or more parts. Without this equipment this is a much slower operation. It is a manual repetitive task, very time-consuming as every hole needs to be marked out. Your labour force should be better utilised. This labour energy can be redirected into your business's finished product, concentrating on scheduling your product in a timely manner to your final objective, your customer.

We will pre-quote your product competitively from a sketch, pdf, sample or CAD drawing. Our preference to enable a very accurate quote is a CAD file .dwg or.dxf. This must be a clean file with no templates or other layers. A clean scaled CAD file can be imported into our CAD system. Sign customers need to also supply us with this format as we look for true lines and arcs. Once developed we will assign to you a unique program number and quote number for future re-order purposes. Once in place and developed it’s just a matter of re-calling the unique number and the cutting operation is repeated without fuss.

repeat cutting of parts

Laser cutting accuracy

Every customer has different requirements. Your job could involve sheet metal. You may require nutserts within your sheet metal, or you could just be bolting trusses and purlins together. Both have very different requirements in hole accuracy. One requires neat accurate holes the other needs bolt clearance holes. Either way Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd need to know this or it should be reflected in your CAD file to us.

Laser cutting systems are very accurate. The repeatability can be as good as .02mm. As we do not remove a great deal of material (generally only .3mm). We do apply a small amount of kerf if required. Kerf is the compensation of the loss of material caused by the cutting process.

For example, an oxy cutting machine can remove anywhere up to 4mm of material when cutting. The profile is therefore adjusted by 2mm kerf to enable the part to be the correct size.

Laser cutting of thick materials can be anywhere up to .5 smaller in profile. This is not a lot but depending upon your business needs it may be critical. Generally our tolerance is as listed in the table below. If you require any tighter tolerances eg press fit, please contact us.

General Tolerances - Flat Bed Cutting

Hole to hole tolerance + - .05
Holes slots etc + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Outside Profile + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Holes slots etc + - .1mm (With Kerf or better)
Outside Profile + - .1mm (With Kerf or better)
Cut Quality Dependant on material surface

Tolerances - Pipe and Tube Cutting

Hole to hole tolerance + - .05
Holes Slots ect + - .3mm (no kerf) or better
Holes to outside RHS + - .5mm Depending on RHS Quality
End Tolerances + - .5mm Depending on saw cut accuracy
Cut Quality Dependant on material painted surface

Welcome to Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd

We are an Australian owned family business based and operated in Brendale Queensland. Focus Laser Group offers laser processing that involves laser profile cutting of an array of different materials. We have been serving the industry for over 35 years and have developed exceptional customer reliance all across town for providing premium Rotary Pipe Cutting in Brisbane. Focus Laser Group works with the ambition of ensuring ultimate convenience for all. We offer all our services at cost effective prices.

Get Rotary Pipe and Tube Cutting Services from Focus Laser Group and Let Your Business Grow

Laser processing is the core of our business but it’s not the only service we are limited to. You can hire our expertise if you need assistance with your manufacturing project. We promise to serve you to satisfaction through the entirety of the project. Focus Laser Group covers a number of areas using the laser cutting process as a baseline. We are equipped with the latest equipment and possess the expertise and skill set to deliver a service that meets and exceeds expectations. We undertake simple tasks for your construction projects that include:

Our laser cutting service cover:

We update our services with time in order to meet your manufacturing requirements. Focus Laser Group is renowned for the cost effective services and the products can be used for multiple times. We ensure precision from the first profiled part to the thousands of parts produced.

What is Rotary Tube Cutting Brisbane?

Rotary laser Tube Cutting is a laser beam enabled mechanism widely used in the industrial sector. The intensity of the beam varies from application to application and is controlled by a computer system. It can be used for a number of operations including cutting, scribing, trimming and engraving. This process can help to cut through an array of materials including wood, metal, plastics and composites. We are a renowned name in tube laser cutting services and go above and beyond to deliver excellence, precision and value.

Making use of lasers for tube laser cutting in Brisbane and Australia has truly been in practice since the seventies. However, today it’s being utilized with some other manufacturing methods. With the increased requirements, hand-operated methods failed since they couldn’t fulfil all the expectations, hence they provided a way to the laser cutting systems. Procedures and designs that emerged to be impractical are now increasingly being produced by the usage of laser tube processing.

Focus Laser Group’s Rotary Pipe Cutting in Brisbane

Focus Laser Group is known to be exceptional in its Laser pipe and tube cutting service. It is one of the best options when it comes to processing RHS or Pipe. Focus Laser Group’s rotary pipe cutting method serves as a clip together with the manufacturing process in furniture production. Our laser cutting equipment is as accurate as the raw material, that you don’t further need machining to shape it. We save you a fortune by reducing the labor content in your business.

Focus laser pipe and tube cutting has been designed to cut intricate pipe intersections. These cutters can help you cut out square holes and any holes you wish. We offer Rotary Tube Cutting in Brisbane using the exceptionally unique rotary cutting machine. This machine can be used for rotary cutting, cut to size pipe and tube depending on the requirement.

Contact us for further information regarding rotary pipe cutting and tube cutting by using any of the methods below:

Email: sales@focuslaser.com.au

Phone: (07) 3889 9333

Website: www.focuslaser.com.au

Address: Unit 1, 8 Kenworth Place Brendale 4500 Qld

Laser Pipe & Tube Processing

Laser pipe and tube cutting, also referred to as rotary cutting, are becoming the preferred method for processing RHS or Pipe. Furniture manufactures are using it as a clip together manufacturing method. As an application, furniture laser cutters are extremely accurate reducing the need for further machining. Tube cutting by laser reduces the need for traditional manual processes such as drilling or sawing representing a significant saving to our customers. We can program our pipe and tube cutter to cut complex pipe intersections as well as offering square corner cut outs and holes within the part round or square. Please note the limitations as Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd does not have a furniture style laser Pipe and Tube laser cutter. Our Rotary cutting machine is uniquely different. This machine has the ability to rotary cut, cut to size pipe and tube depending on application. There is no need to supply full lengths of RHS or Pipe at either 6.5 or 8m lengths. Cut to size means whatever will come out of a full length. These can be cut by your raw material merchant and delivered to us with a standard utility or we can cut from full lengths. This saves semi-trailer delivery costs of the full lengths and handling problems. For large quantities your raw material supplier has the ability to stack cut in packs. Due to laser head limitations, please contact us for more detail.

Laser cut tube

Typical products

  • R.H.S.
  • ERW Tube
  • Standard Pipe and Steam Pipe
  • Agricultural Fence Section
  • Angle Iron
  • Channel
  • Columns
  • Beams

Laser Pipe & Tube (Rotary Pipe Cutting)

Pipe or tube cutting is a slower process than flat bed sheet cutting, this is due to the handling of the product and the fact that the contamination of the painted surface slows up the cutting process. It also varies the cut edge quality as the paint thickness varies from length to length. If the material is Stainless Steel or ERW tube/exhaust tube then this is not a factor.

Limiting factors are:

Laser Pipe & Tube RHS
(Square, Rectangular, Oval, Agricultural Tube)

All materials can be processed including Angle, Columns, Channels and Beams. All materials need to be clean from rust and burr.

Limiting factors are:


Contact Information

Focus Laser operating hours are 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Thursday; 7:30am - 1:00pm Friday. Call in and see us, or contact us for an appointment.

Contact us for further information using any of the methods below.

Email: sales@focuslaser.com.au
Phone: (07) 3889 9333
Website: www.focuslaser.com.au
Address: Unit 1, 8 Kenworth Place Brendale 4500 Qld