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Profile Cutting in Brisbane

Focus Laser Group is reliable for all sorts of laser processing services. We deliver best services for Profile Cutting in Brisbane. Our obligation is to assist our customers to satisfaction by fulfilling their manufacturing needs.

We welcome you to make us your manufacturing partner for the production of specialized products that need profile cutting

Our laser sheet and pipe cutting services come in 2 axis, 3 axis and 5 axis applications. We have a mission: to provide precision as well as value to our clients. We save our client’s labor cost by repeating the process with constant accuracy and exactness. That’s how we take away their hassle of detailed manual cutting, making the entire process a lot easier and quicker. Serving industries for over 35 years, we make sure that our clients enjoy the convenience and ultimate peace of mind.

Focus Laser Group understands the need to be flexible in lead times and stay on its toes to help you achieve the desired product

We have developed customer reliance all across the Australia for delivering quality in profile cutting. We serve manufacturers and fabricators belonging to construction, mining and transport industries. Focus Laser Group is equipped with modern up to date machinery, tonnes of in-house plate stock, efficient operating systems and highly skilled staff.

We pride ourselves on being eminent in the industry and are capable of meeting the specific requirements of our clients. Whether it’s a complex one-off design or heavy bulk order, we have the expertise, skill set and machinery to achieve the specification you require.

We Offer Profile Cutting on Time, With Precision and Consistency

Profile Cutting

Manual hand profile cutting is a repetitive task that requires time and attention. It needs proper attention as every hole needs to be marked out by hand, keeping even the smallest details in mind. Using our latest up to date equipment, we save your cost on the labor force.

Laser Cutting Machinery

We have a range of state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment which is offered to specific plate sizes. Similar to that of:

  • Oxy cutting machines
  • High definition plasma cutting machines
  • Laser cutting machines

Our machinery can be adapted to be designed to

  • Drill steel
  • Mill steel
  • Countersink steel
  • Bevel steel
  • Etch Steel

Focus Laser Group’s mission is to deliver nothing but excellence, that’s why we pre-quote your product from a CAD drawing, sketch, pdfs or sample. We cut customers’ materials to order. Our enormous stocks of carbon Steel and stainless steel are kept ready for immediate use, guaranteeing a fast turnaround.

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