Experts at Steel Laser Cutting in Brisbane

Welcome to Focus Laser Group

We are operating a laser processing company. Focus Laser Group is based in Australia and has been serving the state for over 30 years. Our services include profile cutting of a range of different materials including Steel Laser Cutting in Brisbane. Apart from delivering excellence in steel laser cutting, we specialise in assisting our clients in other areas through the completeness of the manufacturing project. Be it drilling, welding, folding, powder coating or Zinc plating, we have all that takes to provide you with the perfect finesse that meets expectations.

Focus Laser Group has state of the art equipment and skill set so to meet the demands of your laser cutting project including Plasma cutting, Water jet cutting and Router and Laser marking. We are trusted for providing Steel Laser Cutting in Brisbane for all the right reasons. We use the most professional equipment and the latest cutting techniques to make sure the finishing you get is one of its kinds.

What sets us apart?

Our team has the ability to flex to the needs of the clients. We have extensive experience which has helped us understand anglers’ requirements and that’s how we meet the highest standards in service delivery. We have a deft and efficient team that stays on its toes to provide you with the level of service that meets and exceeds expectations.

Focus Laser Group is renowned for its prompt responses and timely service. We have stocked the required equipment and products to get you your desired finesse in a fraction of the time. No matter what your requirements are, how detailed the task is, Focus Laser Group is confident to provide you the best service with exceptional quality products. With high-quality material and superior production techniques, we ensure super-fast turnaround time for orders of all sizes.

Focus Laser Group prides itself on revolutionising metal fabrication industry. We are a front running metal cutting company that has been on the forefront of this technology since its very inception.

Our steel laser cutting machines are state of the art and designed to ensure precision and detail. These powerful machines are made to handle almost every metal cutting challenge that includes:

  • 20mm thick Carbon steels
  • 16mm thick Stainless steels
  • 12mm thick Aluminium sheet
  • Zinc coated steels

Focus Laser Cutters

Our laser cutters have been designed on technology and use nitrogen and oxygen during the laser cutting process. They are made to ensure accuracy, precision and a clean and detailed finesse with minimal heat residue. These machines have the capacity to accommodate a maximum sheet size of 3000mm x 1500mm. Patterns and cutting instructions are saved on our server. Repeat work can be done with the same accuracy on the end product, as precise and identical to the first one. Ensuring minimal heat residue, these cutters don’t leave burns on the edges and corners of the finished product. At the set up stage we completely eliminate the sharp edges and deliver a smooth finish.

We offer punching services for:

  • Carbon steel
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Zinc Coated steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Aluminium punching
  • General metal


Contact Information

Focus Laser operating hours are 7:30am - 4:00pm Monday to Thursday; 7:30am - 1:00pm Friday. Call in and see us, or contact us for an appointment.

Contact us for further information using any of the methods below.

Phone: (07) 3889 9333
Address: Unit 1, 8 Kenworth Place Brendale 4500 Qld