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Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd offer laser processing solutions by assisting customers in their manufacturing needs locally or globally. You could call us your "Global Manufacturing Partner", as this is where you would start to produce your specialised product or project.

We can help reduce your labor costs. Labor costs are the most costly and managed area of any business. We do this by being global, and by providing a service above class in profile cutting accurately taking away your manual cutting process for 5 profiles or 10,000 profiles. Manually cutting plate profiles is labor intensive every hole needs to be marked out, and it is inaccurate.


"Your labor force should be better utilized "

This labor energy saving can be redirected into your product, concentrating on scheduling the output of your product in a timely manner to your final financial objective. It is important to look after your customer or develop new products and other projects.


In Brendale Queensland Australia we provide quality laser Cutting Services in 2 axis, 3 axis and 5 axis applications. The laser cutting is done on full sheet, part sheet or your sheet. Let us know what you wish and send us an email. This includes difficult to cut items in R.H.S. Pipe or Angle Iron. Please refer below for more details.


We can pre-quote your product competitively at our location from a sketch, pdf, sample or CAD drawing. Our preference is to enable a very accurate quote is a CAD file .dwg or .dxf. This file format must be a clean file with no other layers and scaled 1:1. We will require one dimension to assist us in knowing the scale. Sign manufactures also need to supply us with this format as we look for true lines and arcs. This is easily produced from a quality sign package such as CorelDraw, Sign Wizard or Sign Lab.


Once Emailed to us, we will assign to you a unique quote (Part) number for future re-order purposes. One part at a time will be quoted clearly adding material and added services such as folding, Shipping, or other value add services. Once in our system and programmed it’s just a matter of re-calling the assigned number and the cutting operation is repeated without fuss. Just order by email or phone using the quote number. If the product increases in volume or decreases in volume, automatically the product pricing will be altered to reflect these changes.


Mild Steel
(up to 20mm)

G350, Bright Form, Cold Rolled, Pickled & Oiled, Corten
Finishes as supplied by Supplier

High Tensile Steels
(up to 12mm)

G350, Boiler Plate, Bisalloy 80,360,500, Manganese Steel, Tool Steel, Chrome Steel
Finishes as supplied by Supplier

Coated Steels
(Max Thick)

Zinc-Anneal, Zinc Alum, Zinc Seal, Sign-White, Galvaneal

Stainless Steel
(up to 16mm)


G304, 316, 321, 316T1, 430, 410

Finishes N08, NO4, 2B, Pvc Coated, Anodised, & Raw Mill

Nickle Alloys
(up to 12mm)

Hastelloy, Incalloy



Finishes Raw Mill

(up to 32mm)

MDF, Pine, Ply, Hardboard, Chipboard, Melamine, Form Ply

(up to 12mm)


G5005, 5052, 5083, 6061


Finishes Mill, Pvc Coated


Brass, Copper, Nickel, Zirconium
Titanium, Hardy Flex, Gasket Materials

Finishes as Supplied by Supplier


Acrylic, Acetal, Nylon, HDPE, Polycarb, Industrial Plastics & Fiber Glass                           

   (call us for thicknesses)

For thicker materials listed or not listed (Please call us to arrange your requirements)



Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd are an Australian owned family business operating in Brendale Queensland. We are north of the Brisbane CBD.

Our prime business is laser processing. This involves laser profile cutting a variety of different materials. We are here to help you grow your business. We have been in this industry for over 35 years. The heart of our business and service is laser processing, however we will gladly assist you in other areas such as the start and completion of manufacturing projects globally. We can organise this using our laser cutting process. We would be using the vast resources that we have available locally in our location or in house. In Brendale added services can include simple tasks such as drilling, welding, folding, powder coating and Zinc plating. Other cutting processes may include Pipe Cutting, Water jet cutting, Plasma cutting, Router and Laser marking. We can organise almost anything for you. The laser cutting capacity table size is 3000x1500 or standard 2400x1200. The thickness of cutting with Laser is up to 20mm Plate

C.N.C. Laser Cutting

This process is:

  1. Highly Accurate

  2. Clean Cutting

  3. Best in it's class for material usage

  4. N2 Cutting is a cold cut resulting in Minimal Distortion

We also provide a professional Cad Services. If you do not know how to use Cad don't worry. Our Cad development team will do it for you. Contact our sales team for more information. We offer all our services at very cost effective prices.



Decorative Screens any Size from various materials

(Not in Stock only made to order)

R.H.S., Angle Iron, Pipe ect.

(Contact us for details)


Every customer has different requirements. Your job could involve sheet metal. You may require nut-certs within your sheet metal, or you could just be bolting trusses and purlins together. Both have very different requirements in hole accuracy. One requires neat accurate holes the other needs bolt clearance holes. Either way Focus Laser Group Pty Ltd need to know this, or it should be reflected in your CAD file to us.

Laser cutting systems are very accurate. The repeatability can be as good as .02mm. As we do not remove a great deal of material (generally less than .3mm). We do apply a small amount of kerf if required. Kerf is the compensation of the loss of material caused by the cutting process.


For example, an oxy cutting machine can remove anywhere up to 4mm of material when cutting. The profile is therefore adjusted by 2mm per side to enable the part to be the correct size.

Laser cutting of thick materials can be anywhere up to .5 smaller in profile. This is not a lot but depending upon your business needs it may be critical. Generally, our tolerance is as listed in the table below. If you require any tighter tolerances for example a press fit, please contact us.

General Tolerances - Flat Bed Cutting

Hole to Hole tolerance  + - .05

Cut Quality

Dependant on material Quality, Surface Finish and Grade 


Tolerances - Pipe and Tube Cutting

Hole to Hole Single face tolerance + - .05

Holes & Slots + - .3mm

Holes to outside RHS + - .5mm Depending on RHS Quality

End Tolerances + - .5mm Depending on saw cut square accuracy & burr

Laser programmed end trimming .02mm

Cut Quality                                             

Dependant on material painted surface and Processing Mill the material has come from. Radius of RHS vary from supplier to supplier



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