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At Focus Laser Group, we make use of high-end laser cutting Stainless Steel technology for accurate and precisely Laser Cutting. It makes possible for us to cut products with a minimal amount of wastage and HAZ (Heat Effected Zone). Stainless Steel is a very expensive material thus we need to process it with care. Our highly proficient and skilled cutting-staff takes utmost care in all the details related to the thermal limit and different types of sheets with varied thicknesses.

Some people think that laser cutting is relatively more expensive than other techniques however, let us tell you that all those expenses are balanced with the minimal amount of waste released during that process. Moreover, the end product attained by that type of cutting is far cleaner and precisely produced in fact our machinery will fault if an error of geometry is produced at figures of .02mm out of tolerance, yes that is how accurate laser cutting is at Focus Laser Group.


We provide highly refined process for laser cutting Stainless Steel. Components thus produced can fit a variety of industries with flawless functioning. Due to our efficiency and limitless capabilities, we ensure a seamless job with guaranteed results. Whether you have a small or big job, we are dedicated enough to provide you with the most accurate and reliable services at market competitive rates.

The stainless steel profiles we are capable of cutting for you are of varying degrees of thicknesses. We tend to deliver them with better surface finishes to fulfil your needs and requirements in the best possible way plastic on or plastic off it is your market choice. For optimum results, we pass the finished products through stringent quality control process assuring no scratches are on your product. If there was to be within our process, we will cladly refund or replace product.

Types of stainless steel with regard to laser technology

Most stainless steel is suitable for laser cutting, while others can be quickly cut using various other technological innovations like plasma cutting or waterjet cutting. But that process is slower and, in some cases, a poor edge finish. It is worth mentioning that Laser Cutting Stainless Steel is by far more cost effective than the other two processes mentioned due to edge finish accuracy and speed. HAZ (Heat Effected Zone) when cut correctly on a laser is minimal using N2 (Nitrogen). Only our experts can decide which type of steel with its particular thickness will be fit for that process. We are ready to assist you in this regard both on phone and email. You can contact us with all the necessary details about your products.

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At Focus Laser Group we have a team of highly skilled engineers and technical assistants to work on your project with full dedication and concentration. We have experience of more than 30 years in the laser cutting industry. We also furnish our clients with expert technical advice to ensure optimum results. We work in close collaboration with our consumers to provide best professional outcomes. We are your only choice if you want to acquire high-quality laser services at affordable pricing with no hidden charges. We tell you straight regarding the processing we can offer only what the industry standard will provide for you our customer. We are fully licenced and authorized laser cutters you can trust for any job with complete peace of mind.

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