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Laser marking is normally used as a modern replacement of the screen printing, utilized to mark a surface with various patterns. Normally barcodes, images of various sizes and texts are printed in this way but with far accuracy than screen printing or any other technique used. However there is a major difference between both these techniques, screen printing allows the use of multi-colour patterns but laser patterns are restricted to shades of black, white or tones of grey colours.

With the help of laser technique, you can easily mark any pattern and design on surfaces like glass, metals, polymers and even plastic with guaranteed accuracy and precision.


How we do it

At Focus Laser Group we have the latest machinery ready to perform any laser patterning job with the precision you have in mind. The pattern arises when a high energy laser light beam falls on the surface where the design has to be printed. All that laser setup is in turn connected with a computer which transfers all that data to the laser machine in the form of a CAD design. The laser is routed by mirrors on the surface of metal, glass or ceramic etc. all that process of Laser Marking is supervised by highly expert and dedicated professionals having a keen eye on all the details.

Just like all other applications, it will be best if you consult an expert before undergoing any such operation. At Focus Laser Group we offer full expert guidance and technical support in this regard. Our experts can fully guide you in terms of turn times, durability, safety, precision and affordability. All this helps our customers to know the results beforehand, with no fuss.

How are we different?

No doubt there are many laser cutting setups in the market but on-time delivery and 30 years of industry expertise set us apart.

Through all those years we have acquired an unmatchable skill of providing highly precise, dependable and affordable services. Our highly dedicated team is equipped with all the necessary devices and professional training to fulfill all your needs and requirements with full zeal and concentration. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority. We provide laser marking services with the following key benefits:

  • Our laser services are more advantageous than normal screen-printing due to accuracy we offer.
  • We are fully capable of marking rounded objects with three dimensions.
  • Our precise marking technique also suits very small objects located in a relatively congested area with tight space.
  • Our marking is permanent and even after repeated use, these marks cannot be easily rubbed off.
  • As no paints or any kind of chemical solvents are used during the process we can ensure a far cleaner and environmentally friendly job.
  • We offer an affordable and quicker production rate with no need for clean-up.

That sort of marking is even safe for biomedical equipment printing as there is no chance of external contamination.

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