Focus Laser Group is proud to offer a comprehensive range of accurate and expert laser cutting and processing services.

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We Offer Premium Metal Cutting Services without putting a Dent in your Wallet

At Focus Laser Group we make use of a highly precise and accurate computer-controlled machine unit. It can be used to cut metal tubes, sheets and plates. You can even try us for any type of metal cutting ventures with full confidence.


How it works

We have all the modern tools and devices required for that purpose. Our capacitive height control system is capable of cutting any shape out of a metal plate with ultimate precision and accuracy. Our experts take special care of the distance and height of the laser beam as it determines the exact impact and relativity of the focal point to the surface of the metal plate to be cut. Any fluctuation in the focal point can directly affect the cutting quality.

In short laser cutting is one of the most reliable and affordable metal cutting process.

At Focus Laser Group we provide multiple laser source options. You can choose any of these according to your technical needs and budget plan. Once you contact us with all your product requirements, our highly dedicated and friendly staff will be fully at your disposal.

Our machines are ideally suited for cutting metals like stainless steels, aluminium and brass etc.

Our Competitive Edge

At Focus Laser Group we deal with all sorts of high tech cutting jobs concerning a wide range of materials, shapes and profiles. Our core field of interest and action is laser cutting and processing.

We possess more than 30 years of experience in the cutting industry. We have introduced a lot of time and budget-saving innovations in this field. Whether you have a small or big business concern, we are fully capable to deliver the results you have in mind.

Our services

Along with cutting and reducing we also provide the following services:

  • Powder coating and Zinc plating
  • Water jet cutting
  • Drilling, Welding & Folding
  • Plasma, Oxy and Rotary cutting
  • Router and Laser marking

How we differ?

Metal can be cut to make use in a lot of industries and can be used with numerous product lines. Some of the reasons why we differ from our competitors are:

Top-notch quality: We never compromise on quality as it directly leads to customer satisfaction.

Skilled team: All our staff members are highly-skilled and qualified. They work in close collaboration with clients to provide fully customized results.

Advanced solutions: No matter what sort of metal cutting job you have in mind we have a solution for it without disturbing your spending plan.

Contact Details

You can easily get in touch with us for hiring any of the service listed on our website. Our contact information is as follows:

Address: Unit 1/8 Kenworth Place, Brendale QLD 4500

Tele: 07 3889 9333


Hours of Operation: 7:30am – 4:00pm

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