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Our Experts at Focus Laser Group Supply You with Top-notch Oxy Cutting Services

Oxy Cutting is no doubt the most preferable technique used to cut mild steel into any shape and size. At Focus Laser Group we use the latest high tech machines to perform that function attaining utmost precision with hundred per cent customer satisfaction.

This cutting technology is also known as torch or flame cutting because an oxy-fuel torch is used in all that cutting process. It is a sort of flame cutting resulting in a chemical process of rapid rusting. During all that procedure fuel gases and oxygen are used to weld and cut metals.


How we do it at Laser Focus

Our experts follow the basic principles of oxy-fuel cutting. Normally to kindle extreme temperature and heat metals we make use of a cutting torch. With the help of that torch, a stream of oxygen is applied on the metal to be cut. It results in cutting the metal, allowing the oxygen to run out in the form of oxide slag.

At Focus Laser Group we make use of some of the latest cutting edge technologies and premier oxy cutting accessories. All our equipment is operated by specialists minimizing the chances of faulty operation. We provide cuts on a wide variety of plate thicknesses at market competitive rates.

Why use Oxy-fuel technique?

Usually, thick materials that cannot be cut with any other technique are cut with Oxy-fuel cutting. It is a cost-effective process and saves time too. No matter how thick material is, it can be cut into pieces with the help of this useful technique. However, there is an extensive amount of thermal force implied in the material. Some other reasons for using this technique are:

  • The mechanized system allows cutting of all sort of metal plates no matter how thick or thin. It can even be used to conveniently cut scaled and rusty metal plates.
  • This technique allows faster cutting of mild steels as compared to other techniques.
  • It is generally a low-cost method with a portable and versatile apparatus that is more handy and convenient than other tools.
  • You do not need any high level of skill to run that setup. Even a moderately skilled professional can run it will ease of access.

Why us

We have an experience of 30 years in the laser industry having a lot of satisfied customers on our credit. You can simply trust us for any job no matter how big or small with guaranteed results and most cost-effective quotes. There are no hidden charges when you deal with us.

  • We have a highly experienced and well-trained team having the following strengths:
  • Focus on all aspects of a project especially design & development
  • Full customer support with the utmost friendly and customer-centric approach
  • Teamwork, innovation and integrity are essential qualities we emphasize upon.
  • Each of our team members is fully committed to improvement at each step.
  • We are fully licenced and accredited providing you complete peace of mind.

At Focus Laser Group we not only strive for flawless collaborations to generate long-term relationships with our clients.

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